Susceptibility and Vulnerability


This map was created to show the Underlying Physical Susceptibility Model (UPSM), the Coastal Erosion Susceptibility Model (CESM), and the Coastal Erosion Vulnerability Model (CEVI) which were developed by Dr. James Fitton, Dr. Jim Hansom, and Dr. Alistair Rennie.

The CESM should not be used to assess coastal erosion risk to individual properties.

You can read more about these models in the associated publication The layer visibility and opacity can be adjusted via the Layers tree on the left and the legend can be turned on by selecting 'Legend' from the menu in the top right. The UPSM and CESM score can be identified for a location via a single click on the map. If you have any problems while using the web map please email James Fitton or get in touch via Twitter.